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NFT what?
It Non-Fungible Token, indeed. Is digital thing to represent you master of unique thingy or access, digital or physical. It mean every AIGoblinVillage.artis art piece! Very. We one of a kind on blockchain. We secured by Ethereum blockchain, so each AIGoblinVillager only one master, indeed. No bad person can touch.

Project what?

AI art goblins made by AI. 100%. All AI made. Everything master sees on website is 100% AI. Every single art. Everything. Indeed. Such genius. 

How mint?
Master need extension for Metamask on browser. On day that AIGoblinVillager minted, click “Mint now” button on this website. Easy, very. 
Need extra for gas fees, indeed. But AIGoblinVillagers are on ERC721-A, so gas will be not many! Clap clap.

Metamask wallet?
Free crypto wallet and browser extension. Allows master to trade AIGoblinVillagers safely, indeed.

Mint price, mint date, how many?
Mint price: 0.033 ETH 
Mint date: 2 July 2022, 1pm UTC
No. of AIGoblinVillagers: 333 (am extremely limited collectible, very)

What roadmap?
Nay. We too intellect for roadmap. We here. We sits.

How many AIGoblinVillagers can have?
How many master want, how many master take.

What is max number of AIGoblinVillagers can mint one time? 

Discord where?
Nay. AIGoblinVillagers secretive creatures. Mysterious.

How AIGoblinVillagers created? 
We through portal. Portal magic happen. The portal transform AIGoblinVillager using neural network models and conducted experiments. Resulting in us like this. But still handsome, yes. And suddenly we smarts. Indeed.

Whitelist? Presale?
Nay. AIGoblinVillagers all escape town at same time.

Where find my AIGoblinVillagers NFT? 
We Opensea, yes.

Where check AIGoblinVillagers smart contract?
Stay tuned…

Will have intellectual property rights for my AIGoblinVillager? 

How many AIGoblinVillagers can available for mint/ sale? 
13 reserved. All others master can mint.

Who creators? 
Grognar,  Goshan, Grognar, indeed. Can click to see more.

More AI stuff to come. 

Other questions?
Go Twitter, indeed.


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